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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Nemesis heading for the big screen ...we think!

Nemesis was, without a doubt, the best strip in Clint Magazine - the comic holds less attraction now that it's run its course.

The big screen movie that Mark Miller announced some time ago, now seems to be moving forward.

Matthew Michael Carnahan has been tapped to pen the screenplay.  For those of you that don't know, Carnahan is the very intelligent, very methodical screenwriter behind The Kingdom, Lions for Lambs, and State of Play.  He also happens to be the brother of Smokin' Aces and The A-Team director Joe Carnahan.  At first glance, Carnahan's filmography doesn't scream superhero film, but I think his meticulous approach is perfect to reign in Millar's crazy.
As far as the film itself goes, Nemesis is the anti-Batman.  A billionaire who uses his money and power for evil rather than good.  In a nutshell, if Bruce Wayne became the Joker rather the Dark Knight.  Millar describes the story as this:

"Nemesis is the world’s smartest man, and the bad news for us is that he’s the world’s only super-villain. That means he’s got freeze guns and jump-jets and all these James Bond gadgets and he’s using them against us. To entertain himself, he picks a different cop every year and makes his life a misery. The book opens with him fucking over Japan’s top cop, and then our story, the mini-series, takes place as he shifts his attention to Washington and his first American attacks."

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