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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Those Obscure Westerns - Gone with the West (1975)

The start of an occasional series looking at western movies that have been lost to time - Gone with the West was released in 1975,  and stars James Cann and Stephanie Powers. The film is so bad that is was very nearly never released -  indeed the film had initially been shelved but was only released to cash in on Cann's megastardom after The Godfather and Rollerball. The film was even released a second time under the title, Little Moon and Jud McGraw but this title change could do little to improve an essentially bad picture.

The problem with Gone with the West is that it is supposed to be an adult western spoof but it feels more like one of those cheesy porno movies from the same era. Stephanie Powers is terrible as the Spanish speaking Indian Girl and Sammy Davies Jnr. looks uncomfortable as the fast gunned Kid Dandy.

The film is so poor that no one has bothered to renew the copyright and thus the film resides in the public domain and is embedded in its entirety below:

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