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Friday, 18 February 2011

Yesterday's Papers - Wizard

Wizard comic from D C Thomson was a bit before my time - it was originally launched in 1922 and ran until 1963 when it merged with The Rover. The Wizard name was dropped from the title in 1969 but Wizard was relaunched in 1970 and this time ran until 1978. When it did eventually fold 1,970 issues had been published.

The scan left is from a 1970's edition of Wizard - the cover date is 6th March 1970.

I can never remember seeing Wizard on the shelves of my local newsagents by the time I started buying comics regularly in the mid 1970's and the first time I think I ever saw an issue was when I came across a few old issues in a boot sale.

Wizard was an anthology title of the kind typical of boy's comics of the period. The comic featured a mixture of sporting,adventure and humorous strips. And it also featured profiles of top sports men of the day.

There's a great website contaning many stories from classic Wizard issues HERE

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Chap O'Keefe said...

A fine post, Gary. Along with Vic Whittle's site via the link, it will bring back memories for several generations of British readers. I was an avid reader of the Thomson story papers as a boy. In fact, I still have many of the threepenny copies of The Wizard, The Rover and The Hotspur I bought with my pocket money in the mid 1950s. Real treasure!