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Friday, 4 March 2011

Chap O'Keefe new paperback editions

I today recieved the following email from western writer, Chap O'Keefe regarding a previous post here on the Archive . Keith included new covers fortsome of the forthcoming paperback editions of his westerns - I thought it would be nice to reproduce them here.

And so here's Chap's email:


Coincidentally, I had an email today from Diane Allen, publishing manager of Magna, a sister company to Thorpe, which is putting out the new edition of your Arkansas Smith. Diane said of artist Michael Thomas, "his cowboys have always got a yellow back ground and are moustached, which is a bit of a worry."

I pointed out that Michael often worked from old photographs, hence the abundance of moustaches. The research material from the period shows nearly all the gents as bewhiskered. The clean-shaven western hero might have had his roots in 1930s Hollywood!

No less than six Chap O'Keefe westerns are being reissued in large-print format in 2011. Given the current cutbacks in library fiction, I count myself very lucky. This month Misfit Lil Cheats the Hangrope is re-published, and next month it's the turn of The Sheriff and the Widow (with lots of Michael's moustaches!) and Faith and a Fast Gun (which was a well-received Joshua Dillard Black Horse Western last year).

The Sheriff and the Widow is also available to be read in full and for free, here on the Archive. Find the links in the sidebar or click HERE 

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