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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Charley Sheen now hellraising in his own comic book

Why is Bluewater Comics releasing a Charlie Sheen bio-comic?
Duh! Given the continued fascination from a large segment of the "can't-look-away" public, Sheen's ratings are still win-ning!

The Vancouver, Wash.-based Bluewater Productions -- so often swift to leap on celebrity trends -- has just announced that its newest bio-comic will be "Infamous: Charlie Sheen."

The Charlie Sheen book "not only provides a framework for his recent media-captured outbursts," Bluewater says in a statement, "but also shows the path of how the highly paid actor reached this critical point in his career. The 32-page comic will also tackle substance abuse and mental health issues."
Sheen's mouth might be a one-man cottage industry at this point, but Bluewater says its aim is not to fiscally milk this Charlie Sheen Mome

"We're not looking to exacerbate what could be a sad situation; a public person self-destructing on camera," says Bluewater president Darren Davis. "We can all laugh how outrageous Sheen is behaving, all waiting for the next 'Duh. Winning" moment, but I want to make sure that part of the focus of this issue deals fairly with mental health and substance abuse issues."

Heading off the inevitable criticism, Davis adds: "There are those who are going to complain that we are exploiting Sheen. But honestly, this is no different than People Magazine devoting most of an issue to the story or TMZ or Slate [which is part of The Washington Post Co.] or the general media's constant coverage of breaking developments."

"Infamous: Charlie Sheen" is being written by Mark Shapiro and drawn by Fred Grivaud, with cover art (featuring a blond "goddess" in the background, and legs from his breast pocket) by famed comic book artist Joe Phillips.

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