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Monday, 14 March 2011

A is for Archive

The Archive is now back to full steam - not that we did too badly during my African jaunts, but from here on in it's all hands on deck. Coming up at the end of this month we have the next of our popular themed weekends - this time out we're celebrating British Comic Books. There'll be guest posts, scans of rare comics, features and the centre piece of the weekend will be a major interview with British legend, Dez Skinn.

" I knew Stan from his earlier UK visits, being in the industry. So by 1978 when their reprints novelty had worn off and were sliding badly in sales, Marvel asked me to write a report on how to turn their fortunes around. They chose me to ask as I'd beaten them to the shops with Star Wars coverage (despite them being the official licencee) and even ran a Spider-Man film story before them!"   Dez Skinn talking about his association with Stan Lee.

Dez's list of credits are too numerous to list, but readers unfamiliar with the comic book world, will probably know him as co-creator of V for Vendetta. So make sure you're all here for what will be a brilliant weekend of post.

As they would say in the comic book - "Crikey, that sounds like some super, whizz bang fun!!!!"

There'll also be news of the next Wild West eMonday which takes place later this summer - all that and more to come on The Tainted Archive.

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