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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Kindle to get page numbering

It's a software update that is bound to please the hordes of Kindle users - The Amazon Kindle is the best-selling eReader in history, and for good reason. The reading experience is far and away the best seen on any portable or permanent tablet, laptop, desktop, mobile phone or eReader. The Pearl E-ink technology offers a reading clarity and contrast that is 50% better than what was already the best out there. The lighter, thinner Kindle 3 eReader even looks more like a book, and has a list of features that are intuitive and sensible, like an in-book dictionary and note-taking capability, and it is widely regarded as the best eReader on the market. So how can they get better? They have responded positively to customers’ demand for page numbers, and they will start to show up soon.

You know you have a good product when the biggest complaint is that your eReader doesn’t have page numbers, and this is the case for all the Kindle models. When a software update hits the king of the eBook reading landscape in April, Kindle lovers will have to nit-pick something else. While this may not seem like a big deal, it shows once again Amazon’s commitment to honor and copycat physical books in form and functionality. This will also make the erstwhile eReader customer feel a little more comfortable when deciding on an eBook reader.
Amazon did not say how they would handle the font and text size changing feature in relationship to the page numbering, however. In all Kindles you have several font and text size options, so you could have either 250 or 50 pages in an eBook, depending on the format you employ. But having page numbers added in any format is definitely a good move.

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