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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Kobo will continue without Borders

While Kobo ebooks and Kobo ereaders have been associated with Borders as a partnership of sorts that provided a physical location for the Kobo brand, Kobo and Borders are actually two very separate entities.  The news of bankruptcy and financial problems for Borders is certainly disheartening, and is more evidence of the continued strain on businesses in America during difficult economic times.  However, Kobo ebook fans and Kobo eReader owners can take comfort in knowing that access to Kobo ebooks and support for their Kobo ereaders will not be affected in the least, and will simply transfer solely to

For Kobo enthusiasts who enjoy getting face to face support at Borders, the transition to should prove seamless for you, and be even more convenient as you can access Kobo’s support without leaving the comfort of your home or office. also features terrific promotions that are not always available at Borders.  Currently they are offering coupons for ebook purchases which vary in value depending on the amount spent.  Kobo also featured their own $20 off coupon for Kobo wireless ereader purchases during the month of February.  Learn more about the Kobo eReader.
Kobo is the brand name that has been a little bit under the radar in the eReader market, but comes on strong nonetheless.  The Kobo wireless reader is for the digital book enthusiast who is not looking for a more ‘tablet like’ experience such as the NookColor, but is looking for a reasonably priced, high quality digital book reading experience that is comparable to the Kindle eBook Reader.

In the UK Borders supported the Elonex reader - indeed, I bought one from them and although users could still find titles for the device it soon disappeared without High Street support. However that was during the early days of eBooks and, as they say, 'fings is different now.'

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