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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Nuff said

The Archive's recent post on the Hammer House of Horror Magazine has received a comment from none other than Mr Dez Skinn, often called the British Stan Lee, himself, truly a legendary name in the comic book and magazine field. I have reproduced the comment here just in case anyone missed it and because of how chuffed I am to find Mr Skinn is an Archive reader.

And so - the comment:
Thanks for those nice words, John (but less of the "old"!) and apologies you were not renumerated for your splendid Chris Lee visual. I think Dave Reeder had taken over editing it for me by that stage as I was busy enough with Warrior (c 1983).

If you or any other Tainted Archives viewers would like to know more about House of Hammer or any of my other early efforts such as Monster Mag, Sinbad, Magic, MAD and Marvel UK (I'm 90,000 words in and only just getting out of the 1970s!) I've started an anecdote-riddled nostalgia-site of my own at

I'm also about to end the 1970s talking about launching Doctor Who Weekly, aided and abetted by the wonderful Tom Baker in case any of you are also Whovians!

Oh, and thanks for the nice write-up you've given my old mag, Mr T. Archive!

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