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Monday, 7 March 2011

Online dating - true life horror stories

Not the usual subject matter covered by the Archive but recently we received an email from Anna Miller -
Hi Gary,

I work with, where we just published entitled "10 True Online Dating Horror Stories" Considering this overlap in subject matter with your blog; I thought perhaps you would be interested in sharing the article with your readers?

The Archive is always eager to oblige and so anyone fancy a bit of online hanky panky, then be warned:

Online dating sites may have overcome the stigma that its members are all unattractive, nerdy or desperate, but there are always some losers that manage to slip through the cracks. It's unfortunate that people have to go through so many bad dates before they meet a winner, but without their candid stories and words of wisdom, we might never know that these dates from hell actually exist. Here are 10 true online dating horror stories:
  1. Nigerian Dating Scam: We can see from this hilarious online dating story that Nigerian scams aren't just about money — some of them do it for love too.
  2. Munchkin Man: This anonymous dater took a trip down the yellow brick road when he met this munchkin man, who looked nothing like his picture.
  3. Great Escapes: Read how Jill escaped her date with the bad boy on a bike, who turned out to be just a bad-looking boy with a hot bike.
  4. The Tale of Stinky Breath: Here, Lorina talks about her uncomfortable encounter with Stinky Breath, a self-described "tall, athletic blond" who turned out to be the complete opposite of that and more.
  5. Too Good to be True: After this train wreck of a date, Anne reminds us why you should never let someone pick you up at your house, or make you listen to ska music.
  6. The Skeptic: This proud skeptic shares his story of what it was like dating a political junkie and how he fell for a doctored photo.
  7. Farting Fiasco: Check out poor Linda's story about meeting up with "Bob" and how the date really stunk, literally.
  8. Puppet Show: Here, Beth tells you why sock puppets on the first date is never a good idea.
  9. Sexy Spitter: Brad's date may have had all the makings of a good girlfriend, but he definitely needed a spit shield to survive this one.
  10. El Cheapo: Check out Mary's story of El Cheapo, the cheap date who shouldn't have been dating.