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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Welsh Folk - The Catrin O'Neill Band

I've got wide ranging musical tastes - I listen to all sorts, with perhaps the blues and bluegrass being my favourites, but for some reason I've never really listened to folk music. Don't know why - I think I had the wrong impression of the genre and took it to be bands that boasted  the Deliverance cast on Banjo, and singers who indulged in too much cider, wore dung encrusted Wellington boots and smoked roll-ups. However these days I'm listening to more and more folk and now bands such as The Unthanks, Bon Ivor and The Cave Singers have joined the long haired rockers on my iPod.

My introduction to the genre came via a personal friend - Ms. Catrin Oneill and her album, Nain's Kitchen which I bought from her a couple of years ago because...well, how could I resist the lovely young lady telling me her album was out there. I've always been a sucker for a pretty face and I like to support creative friends. I mean I always appreciate it when a friend buys one of my books. It's not easy trying to make a living in any field of the creative arts, you know. Now for weeks the CD sat unheard on the dashboard of my car, but then one day, realising I had left my Todd Snyder CD at home, I slipped the CD into the player - well, all I can say is I shouldn't have been so close minded to the genre.

Welsh folk - watch the video above and then pop over to Amazon and check out samples of each song on her excellent album, Nain's Kitchen and prepare to make room between David Coverdale and Seasick Steve on the old iPod.

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