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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

William Munny V Brett Maverick

Among the extra features on the second disc of the Special Edition Unforgiven DVD, is a classic episode of  Maverick. It's including here because the guest star in this particular episode is Clint Eastwood. The cover details also state that the character Eastwood plays in the episode could be a younger version of William Munny. And whilst I'm not convinced by that claim, it is great episode of what was, after all, a great series.

Eastwood plays Red Hardigan a coward and bully, who happens to be lightening fast on the draw. Maverick beats him in a fist fight early in the episode but know he will have no chance in a gunfight, which is what Hardigan is threatening. Maverick, of course, always has an Ace up his sleeve and this time it's in the shape of John Wesley Harding.

The episode makes for a nice little bonus on the already essential Unforgiven two disc edition.


John Sinclair said...

Synchronicity rides again! Just got the first season of Maverick, along with the premiere season of Gunsmoke.
James Garners' Maverick starts off a lot, um, gruffer and adversarial in the first few eps before maturing - if that's the right word - into the lovable gambler and conman we all came to, er, love.
Haven't got through the first lot yet, but I'll have to check if this ep is in this set, or the next one.
Have to get this 2disc Unforgiven anyhow.
Shame that the best modern Western True Grit was passed over at the Oscars though...

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Yeah but the Oscars are shite in any case