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Thursday, 3 March 2011


Although kids have a short personal history to grow on, that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate and learn about people and events that happened well before their time. Revolutions, inventors, Presidents, and more can be explored in these fun books that make history come alive.
Offer these books to kids who want to learn about important people in history.
  1. The Extraordinary Mark Twain: Written from a 13 year old’s perspective, this book shares the story of Mark Twain.
  2. What’s the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?: Kids will enjoy this brief biography of the amazing Benjamin Franklin.
  3. Where Was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May: This book offers a biography of Patrick Henry from planter to statesman.
  4. Millie’s Book: Learn about First Lady Barbara Bush from the perspective of her dog, Millie.
American History
These books cover the Constitution, pilgrims, and much more for kids.
  1. Kids Make History: Explore the lives of 20 children living in extraordinary times in Kids Make History.
  2. George Washington’s Breakfast: George Washington Allen is a boy who wants to find out all he can about his namesake, including what he ate for breakfast.
  3. Lewis and Clark and Me: This book tells the story of Lewis and Clark from Lewis’s dog Seaman’s perspective.
  4. We the Kids: We the Kids makes the preamble to the Constitution fun for kids.
  5. First Pet: This book discusses the pets of Presidents in the White House.
  6. And Then What Happened, Paul Revere?: Find out the rest of Paul Revere’s story in this book.
  7. The New York Public Library Amazing Women in American History: Kids can read about facts in American women in history in this book from the New York Public Library.
  8. George vs. George: George vs. George shows both sides of the American Revolution.
  9. The Crossing: The Crossing explains how George Washington saved the American Revolution.
  10. So You Want to Be President?: In this book, kids will learn that anyone can be president.
  11. Eating the Plates: This book teaches kids about food and manners for Pilgrims.
  12. World War II for Kids: In this book, kids will find a history of World War II with activities.
  13. 50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet: Kids can meet important American heroes in this book.
  14. How the States Got Their Shapes: Read this book to find out how the states became shaped the way they are.
  15. My Senator and Me: My Senator and Me shares a dog’s eye view of Washington DC with Senator Edward M. Kennedy.
  16. Seabird: Seabird, a carved ivory gull, shares the history of America at sea.
  17. We Were There, Too!: Young people in US history share their stories in this book.
  18. Children’s Encyclopedia of American History: Let kids look up information and browse through American history in this encyclopedia.
  19. You Wouldn’t Want to Be at the Boston Tea Party!: This book brings the history of the Boston Tea Party alive.
  20. Minn of the Mississippi: Minn, a young snapping turtle, tells the history of the Mississippi River Valley in Minn of the Mississippi.
  21. The Civil War for Kids: Teach kids about the civil war in this activity book.
  22. Who’s That Stepping on Plymouth Rock?: Find out how Plymouth Rock became so famous in this book from Jean Fritz.
  23. The American Story: The American Story has 100 true tales from American history.
  24. Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution: Jean Fritz and Tomie de Paola share an illustrated look at the writing of the Constitution.
World History
  1. 100 Women Who Shaped World History: Check out this book that shares the lives of 100 women who are important to history.
  2. You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Medieval Knight: Kids can see what life is like as a medieval knight in this book.
  3. Pompeii…Buried Alive!: Young readers will be enticed by this book describing the natural disaster of the volcano in Pompeii.
  4. King George: What Was His Problem?: This book shares the hilarious story of the American Revolution.
  5. Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris: Theodosia’s book shares the history of pre-World War I England through its antiquities.
  6. Two Miserable Presidents: Two Miserable Presidents tells the amazing, terrible, and true story of the Civil War.
  7. Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?: Kids can read about King George’s problems in this book.
  8. Lives of Extraordinary Women: This book shares the lives of women rulers and rebels in history.
  9. You Wouldn’t Want to Explore With Marco Polo: In this book, kids can read about exploring with Marco Polo.
  10. The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau: Oceanographer Jacques Cousteau’s life is covered in this book.
  11. Which Way to the Wild West?: This book points the way to the Wild West for kids.
  12. Blockhead: This book takes a look at Fibonacci’s work.
  13. 100 Men Who Shaped World History: Read this book o learn about 100 men who made history around the world.
  1. Pop!: The Invention of Bubble Gum: Kids can read about the history of bubblegum in this book.
  2. Who Cut the Cheese?: Who Cut the Cheese offers a cultural history of the fart.
  3. The Kid Who Invented the Popsicle: Read this book about surprising inventions.
  4. Hot Diggity Dog: Read about the history of the hot dog in the Hot Diggity Dog book.
  5. Fart Proudly: Fart Proudly has fun Benjamin Franklin readings.
  6. Poop Happened!: Sarah Albee’s book shares a history of the world through poop.
  7. Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things: Find out how things like Barbie and honeymoons were invented in this book.
  8. Mistakes That Worked: The Tower of Pisa and more are discussed in this book about great mistakes.
  9. The Story of Chocolate: Read The Story of Chocolate to find out how the sweet stuff was invented and how it’s made today.

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