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Sunday, 24 April 2011

President Obama sex shocker!!!!!

Not really - but I needed to get your attention. Wait don't turn away - this is important.

I've just bought this book from Amazon for the Kindle (though it can be read on other devices with the free Kindle AP) and all it cost me was 69p. Now that's a bargain! Firstly Charles T Whipple is none other than western writer, Chuck Tyrell and I know he spins a darn good yarn - and secondly all profits from the book will go to toward relief efforts in Japan where Charles is a resident.

Go on all - make just a small gesture to help by buying this book and get a great collection of fiction, including the award winning story, A Matter of Tea for your troubles. Not only can you lose yourself in the well realised fictional worlds, but you can feel the warm glow of satisfaction because you would have helped a good cause.

Find the book HERE

"Delicate as bisque china, dangerous as a snake den, Charles T. Whipple's writing resonates across the seven seas. Tales of sacrifice and honor that flick at the heart and encircle the soul." – Marsha Ward.

Stories include: A Matter of Tea, The Dragon of Torigoe, The Floating World, Kamo Ike, From Chojagasaki Bay, Masakado's Revenge, and four Bonus Sections. Royalties from sales from both the author and the publisher will go toward relief efforts in Japan. Please help us help them.

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