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Wednesday, 4 May 2011


The latest issue of free online magazine, Black Horse Extra is now live and it's another packed issue - one of the articles this issue, The Ballad of Jack Martin looks at my July Black Horse Western release, The Ballad of Delta Rose. The book can be pre-ordered now from Amazon, The Book Depository and Robert Hale's website. Pre-ordering is always the best way to ensure you get a copy

"I’VE called The Ballad of Delta Rose my most hardboiled western, and several people have asked me in what way is it hardboiled?

Well, for one it’s very minimalist in style, which is something I’ve been developing over recent years. It was all down to reading Richard Stark’s The Hunter, which literally left me dazed. I had an epiphany of sorts during the reading – Stark’s minimalist prose was so incredibly powerful that the connection between reader and story was like a physical thing and the knocks and blows were actually felt. I mean it –  this book had me, several times, looking up open-mouthed and vocalizing, “F****g h**l!” And I think that unconsciously I felt the desire to develop my own writing style in this way."

As well as the piece on myself the magazine also looks at the new True Grit movie, with author Lee Clinton wondering what lessons we can learn from its success, Greg Mitchell gives another entertaining and informative article and Ross Morton also pops in with some news. There's also more details on Chap O'Keefe's (the magazine's editor) new Misfit Lil Kindle release and if you've not bought a copy yet, then why not? -  Misfit Lil has been a most notable BHW series heroine. The Kindle ebook edition of Misfit Lil Cheats the Hangrope received an ecstatic welcome from Gary Dobbs (aka Jack Martin) at his Tainted Archive blog. He wrote, "Move over, Calamity Jane, Misfit Lil is in town! This hot chick of the West would have Wyatt Earp tongue-tied, send Billy the Kid weak at the knees, and transform John Wesley Hardin into a gibbering wreck. I urge anyone who considers themselves to be a western fan to buy the ebook and show that the genre which has always been too tough to die, has a place in this new eWestern world. Find the book over in Amazon's Kindle store.

And if that's not enough free content for all us western fans, there's the excellent Hoof Prints news roundup section.

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