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Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Walking Dead Season Two preview

Simultaneously released in over 30 countries, The Walking Dead was a considerable hit for The AMC network. It also showed that the television screen needn’t come second to the cinema in terms of spectacle. It is also ironic that it is because it was made for the small screen rather than the big screen, it had more scope, more to breath and it is doubtful a movie, a couple of hours when all is said and done, would have been capable of the character development that makes this zombie drama so refreshing. Yes it’s horror but it’s the kind of horror those who dislike the genre can enjoy. The bottom line is, I guess, that it’s a human drama at its very core.
“It very quickly dawned on me that this was not the sort of television I was used to. We were making a movie. It was terribly exciting.” Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln recently talking to SCI-FI Now Magazine dropped some tantalising hints as to where the second season is going – the storyline is going to open out more, allowing for much more development of the secondary characters.  The character of Carl Grimes is going to be put through the mill in the coming season and Lincoln said he was impressed at the performance the young star put in. The love triangle between Lincoln’s character, his wife Lori and best buddy, Shane is also going to be a major element of interest to the viewer. The character is Shane was killed off in issue 7 of the original comic so can we expect the same for the series. It seems unlikely since the Shane character has been a mainstay of the series thus far. There’s a certain dynamic that would be lost if Shane was written out. However the death of a major character would not be that great a surprise given what has gone thus far.
The first season contained some impressive character driven stories in which the zombie threat was relegated to the background, and much more this can be expected in the coming season.
“I think they were the most successful episodes. We are looking towards Hershel’s farm this season so there are a lot of opportunities for quieter character episodes.” Andrew Lincoln
The second season will air in the US this fall and everywhere else shortly afterwards.
The first season was recently released in the UK on DVD and blu-ray and, as well as all six episodes, features a nice selection of bonus material. There’s a detailed making of documentary, a set visit with Andrew Lincoln and Robert Kirkman, video diaries and more.

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