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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Was Jack the Ripper really Jill the Ripper???

There is no factual evidence to suggest that Jack the Ripper was a man, other that the supposed rarity of women psychopaths.

Mary Kelly's body was so badly mutilated that no actual specific identification was possible.. It could have been anyone.

Mary Jane Kelly knew all the deceased.

Discover the answers for yourself.

A Policeman's lot by Gary M. Dobbs - out now for the Kindle, Nook, Sony and all other formats - click HERE. And soon available in a print version.

Inspector Frank Parade carries out his daily duties in the Welsh industrial town of Pontypridd, duties complicated by the unprecedented presence of 500 members of Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show encamped outside the town, not to mention the thousands attending the show every day. A series of depraved murders quickly makes things even more complicated. Buffalo Bill stands squarely in his path when Parade tries to investigate the likely possibility that one of the hundreds of show members is involved. And soon enough Parade’s own superiors are blocking his inquires, too. Still more deaths occur as Parade sifts through the thin evidence available and finds a trail that may lead to the perpetrator of the most heinous crime of the 19th Century—London’s “Ripper” murders.

Shocking revelations come thick and fast.

The greatest criminal mystery in history is about to be solved by a Welsh copper and an American Legend.

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