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Friday, 1 July 2011


But for all its cynicism it is ultimately an optimistic story, and I like that. After all, no matter how black things seem, something bright is always to be found. Maybe because the character of Delta is doomed, that there is no escape from his fate, he is the ultimate optimist. And his desire to right the wrongs of the past is purely selfless, because he knows there will be no consequences for himself in this life and he’s not too sure there is a next one. He has already faced all the consequences he is ever going to face. This is not about himself. This is about those he leaves behind. READ THE BALLAD OF JACK MARTIN HERE

I really do feel this book is the best I’ve written – a tale which comes from a mixture of influences including the noir genre, the comic books I read as a kid, and pretty much every western I’ve ever read or seen, is a benchmark for me as a writer. It is, I feel, my most assured use of a style I’ve developed over my previous novels. I think I’ve gained a lot from writing it and hope that I give readers a story that touches them on every level. It has a sadness that I hope will pass from the page to the reader’s heart, but it also has that optimistic, life-affirming vibe.

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Oscar said...

Good luck with Delta Rose, soiunds like a good one.