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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Edge is back

He's back again!

Just goes to prove you can't keep a good man down!

Who am I talking about?

Why Edge of course - that no nonsense half breed who carried a series of westerns that became my all time  favorite western series. You may remember I, together with the original author, made attempts to bring the Edge series back into print as eBooks and the first volume,Edge The Loner was published by Solstice Westerns. I was over the moon and am still mighty proud of my association with the Edge books. However sales weren't great and I became tied up with other projects, not to mention several months filming in Africa, the sale of the film rights for my own first novel, and a little project with that madman Vincent Stark.

Eventually it was decided to pull the plug. There was a film/TV project for the Edge character bubbling away in the background and when the gentleman responsible for the film pitch started looking at eBooks it was felt that given the low sales my Edge eBook project should be pulled to avoid stepping on the toes of any tentative multi media possibilities for the character. I still think things would have changed with several more volumes on the eMarket, but in all fairness I couldn't find the time that the project required. And so reluctantly, feeling that I was turning my back on the half breed, the Edge eSeries was pulled.

Now though thanks to western writer and friend of the Archive, Cody Wells, Edge is once again riding towards digital print...find all the exciting details HERE

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