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Friday, 7 October 2011

New Elvis biopic stirs fan interest

Sonny West and the King
 John Carpenter's Elvis: The Movies was okay in a TV-movie kind of way, but all the other movies that attempted to show the life of the King seem to languish in afternoon tele-movie Hell. However a planned new Elvis movies is making ripples and leaving Elvis fans all shook up.

John Scheinfeld, the filmmaker known for his insightful and inspiring Harry Nilsson and John Lennon documentaries (The U.S. vs. John Lennon, Who is Harry Nilsson?), has announced plans to write and direct a new feature film about the life of Elvis Presley titled Fame & Fortune.

The forthcoming film will expose Elvis’ relationship with his best friend, Sonny West, and will take a more personal approach to Presley as a friend, not a performer. The movie will be based on the book Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business, a 2007 book written by West.

In an interview earlier this week, filmmaker Scheinfeld said, “We’re not doing his full life. We’re not doing everything that ever happened to him. We’re taking the audience on a journey of this friendship and everything that it went through over 17 years.”

He goes on to say,”The press tends to focus on his last few years. They forget what an extraordinary artist he was and how influential he was.  What I would like to do is take him out of the tabloid world, where he has been for far too long, and replace the caricature with a fully realized, 3D human being.”

But who will play the King?

"I have in mind that we’d have to do a worldwide sort-of Scarlett O’Hara search to find the best guy for this,” Scheinfeld says. “My feeling is that we need to cast an unknown.”
Because they can’t start filming until they find their Elvis, the film has no release date.

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