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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Archive's Book Biz News

First Penguin denied Amazon the lending rights on their title and then they compromised while security problems are sored out -  The Penguin Group said Wednesday that it will restore library lending access to older e-books while it negotiates with Amazon and e-book provider OverDrive on security issues.
As a result, customers will continue to have access to Penguin titles via the Amazon Kindle library lending program at least until the end of the year, though new titles will not be added.

Are eBooks too expensive? Take a look at the chart below which compares prices between physical and electronic books.

eBooks may be wiping out the mass market paperback market, but the opposite is true with Children's books with print constantly performing better than the electronic versions. However the situation my change with tablets such as the iPad and the Android tablets expected to be big sellers this Christmas period. At the moment the biggest percentage of eReaders are middle aged but as the young adopt the new technology it is a certain bet that young fingers will be fumbling with the controls rather than turning the pages.

Writers are invited to submit unpublished manuscripts to Monsoon Publications - they are a Signapore based publisher of English language fiction who are looking to extend their list of writers. Find Monsoon HERE

QUERCUS have launched a new imprint - Jo Fletcher Books will be a specialised SF, Fantasy and horror imprint. The first four titles from he imprint will be The Vampire Sink by Lynda Hilburn, The Book of Horrors edited by Stephen Jones, The Demi Monde Winter by Rod Rees and The Emperor's Knife by Mazarkis Williams.

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