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Friday, 18 November 2011

It's Doctor Who but not as we know it.

David Yates, director of the last four Harry Potter movie, as met with mixed reaction from fans over his statement that his Doctor Who movie, currently in the early stages of development will largely ignore the continuity of the television show. Yates has stated that for the concept to be a big screen success a total reinvention will be needed.

The two Doctor Who movies from the Sixties, which saw Peter Cushing playing the Time Lord ignored the TV series and as such the films have never been considered part of the canon. So if a new film does hit the big screen and rides roughshod over the TV timeline then this will be nothing new. And for a movie to be bogged down by fifty years of continuity would make for a plodding experience.

Yates is correct and Doctor Who does need a face-lift. Though I can't help thinking that certain aspects of the TV show would have to be carried over - The police box shaped TARDIS for one. But each generation has their own idea of Doctor Who - for me Jon Pertwee will always be the man but there are others who feel that the current incarnation, Matt Smith is the real deal.

It's very early days yet but already there is much speculation over casting with Johnny Depp emerging as a clear favorite to steer the TARDIS. Ahh well, only time will tell.

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