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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Archive's Sunday Comics - Child's Play

Terry Vance was a longtime backup character in MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS. He was a genius inventor and a schoolboy detective, who owed much to Sherlock Holmes -  his sidekick was a monkey named Doctor Watson. The strip is best remembered for featuring the formative artwork of Bob Oksner, a name that would become very familiar in comic book circles. The artist would later become renowned for his work with D C Comics especially on the Supergirl strip. The character's adventures ran from 1940 to 1944and in the latter strips he was often thwarting the evil exploits of Axis agents operating in America.

He had an attic laboratory in which he conducted  experiments related to his investigtions, s. Among his inventions were a "large gas model airplane with radio control," his ultraviolet flashlight, and his "detectoscope," a "sensitive microphone connected to earphones and operating by two batteries" that can listen through solid stone walls. A regular Miss Marple with acne, he monitored police broadcasts on his radio, and when a case attracted his interest, he swung into action, accompanied by his "able assistant," the monkey "Dr. Watson." Terry was often helped by his older friend, the ace reporter Deadline Dawson. 

We present a complete strip from January 1941 - note we consider these old comic strips to be important works of art as well as historical douments. They are intended as a tribute to the talented individuals who have worked in the comic book medium over the years - we are not trying to infringe on copyright and where possible have tried to obtain permission to use the strips. Strips will be removed if requested by the copyright owners but it is hoped these articles will be enjoyed and appreciated in the spirit behind them.

Marvel Mystery Comics (first issue titled simply Marvel Comics) is an American comic book series published during the 1930s-1940s period known to fans and historians as the Golden Age of Comic Books. It was the first publication of Marvel Comics' predecessor, Timely Comics, a division of Timely Publications.

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