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Monday, 16 April 2012

Bond mellows for Skyfall

Daniel Craig is stating in interviews that this time his James Bond will be different than he was in Casino Royale and Quantum of Shit - does that means he will be more like the James Bond we know and love? Maybe the producers and stars have given on on their attempt to do a Bourne, and that we will see a return to the Bond which used to drag us into the cinemas year after year. 

You know I'm a lifelong Bond fan, - I've got multiple editions of the novels and have been collecting 007 related trinkets since I was a kid. I probably know all the dialogue backwards from most of the movies, but I still haven't seen Quantum of Shit all of the way through, after walking out of the cinema thinking, this is bollocks.  I felt like I'd been conned, you see - I paid to see a Bond movie and this certainly wasn't that. I've got the DVD which I bought to complete the set but I've not watched it - the last two Bond movies have made me ambivalent to the series. I'll admit that Casino Royale was a good action movie, but that's all it was, a generic action movie that didn't feel like Bond at all.

"He's much softer and nicer now. It's just different from that (Casino Royale). He was hurt and broken-hearted in Quantum and he feels much better in this movie,"  Daniel Craig

Will this all mean a return to classic Bond? I do hope so - The Bond movies have always stood aside from other action adventures. Back in the day they influenced movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and True Lies, but the last two seem to have been attempting to jump on the gritty realism bandwagon - Quantum of Shit seemed to be aiming for a surreal pop video vibe.  It seems that the producers have forgotten that Bond, even Fleming's Bond, was never supposed to be gritty and he certainly wasn't supposed to be realistic. He's a super hero of sorts - as Roger Moore said - 'He's supposed to be this secret agent and yet he can walk into any bar in the world and the owner recognises him and serves him a favourite drink. I mean come on!"

Ahh well, James Bond will return but we do hope James Bland has been set aside.

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Monty said...

Very interesting, I haven't seen any of the interviews, or like you, seen Quantum; but Roger Moore remains my favourite Bond, with Live and let die, the best film by far ;)