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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Guy Ritchie reported to direct next Batman movie

Warners are are due to offer Guy Ritchie the Batman franchise following his massive success with the two Sherlock Holmes movies. The final Christopher Nolan Batman, The Dark Knight Rises will hit cinemas this summer and that will be that for this particular version of the story. Warners want to reboot the franchise one again and are pinning their hopes on Guy Ritchie as the man to lead Batman into new territory. It is also reported that David Yates, now that the Doctor Who movie looks like being dead in the water, is also in the running to take charge of the caped crusader.


buddy2blogger said...


I for one did not like Downey Jr's version of Holmes that much.

What about you Gary. What are your thoughts on Downey Jr's take on our favorite fictional detective. :)

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

I'm with you there - I thought Sherlock Holmes was a fine Victorian action movie but it certainly wasn't Sherlock Holmes. I think the BBC's modern version is far more faithful which is ironic if you think about it