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Saturday, 7 April 2012

James Bond - M to die in new 007 movie, A Brew to a KIll

"A fairly momentous death" in the forthcoming 007 movie. Words are, the key role who will meet her demise is none other than Bond's superior, M. "We've just filmed M's death scene,"  An anonymous source from within the production of the new Bond movie was this week reported as telling the Daily Mail newspaper.

It is also rumored that Ralph Fiennes will take over as M at the climax of the latest Bond movie which is now well into filming.

Whilst these reports are unconfirmed the smart money is on them as being true and it is known that Judi Dench is leaving after this movie and that Ralph Finnes has joined the cast as an unnamed agent. What is less certain is the speculation that the plot involves Bond being unable to save M because he was hung over after splurging on Heineken larger and kebabs. A leaked section of script, reproduced below,  seems to back up these rumors:

007, What are you doing.

Feek off, Tosser -  I'm about to follow the bear. Oh wait, wrong brand. Can someone see if we can do a deal with Hofmeister. I like that bear. A walking fridge may entertain Q branch but what good is that when the room's spinning?

Bond, you must return to headquarters now.

Feek off, I'm going have another pint, like.

Michael Fassbender would be a great choice if the makers decide to return to classic Bond
The news that Bond is to become a beer drinker, foresaking his famous Martini has angered fans and rightly so. Of course there will always be those who make the increasingly outlandish claims that this Bond, Craig's Bond, is closer to Fleming's original than any of the others. That's just bullshit, though - Fleming did not make Bond a beer drinker and the only reason he is now is because the beer company paid a lot of money to the film company.

Dutch beer company, Heineken has signed up for a new Bond campaign that will include at least one scene in the next 007 film, Skyfall, in which James Bland will be shown knocking back a beer instead of sipping on a vodka martini. 

The classic Bonds
Say what you like - the only reason Bond will be drinking beer is because of a financial deal and that's simply prostituting Fleming's unique creation. Fleming took great care the mould the kind of man Bond was over a series of books and a number of years - he most certainly wasn't, a charmless thug with a beer belly. A Brew to a Kill, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

to be honest.i had grown tired of her moaning.(percy the better bond,percy comeing back,etc)they would have done better casting lewis collins as M in casino royale.A BREW TO A have a good title for a simon pegg style comdy.all you need now is a screenplay.