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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Star Trek 2 - the state of play

The movie is now well into filming and the rumors are flying around at warp speed, but what do we know for certain about the new Star Trek movie? Well -

The Enterprise will be in 3D - Paramount lobbied for 3D and eventually J J Abrams relented. The director had since stated that the sections of the movie he has seen converted look quite amazing.

Leonard Nimoy won't be appearing -  There's a new Spock now and Nimoy is no longer needed, and these words come from Nimoy himself.

The script is huge - a writer's strike in 2009 meant that work had to be abandoned but the extended time has meant that the script is more polished than ever, say the writers.

Sherlock Holmes will be a baddie - Benedict Cumberbatch, a name I have to spell check every time I write it, has a substantial part as a bad guy which may or may not be Khan.

William Shatner is still pissed off - that he didn't get a cameo in either of the new movies.

And that's what we know - nothing new yet, then!

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