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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Archive's magazine watch

The UK now has a Blues specific magazine.

The Blues is a music that I've been exploring for a few years now, and have written about in the Archive, but until now there hasn't been a mass circulation Blues magazine in the UK. OK There is a  magazine called Blues Matters but this is run by a small organization and appears irregularly.

The Blues Magazine comes from Future Publishing which is home to wide range of magazines ranging in subjects from cycling to classic rock music with pretty much everything inbetween.

I've not read the magazine fully yet but the Buddy Gay feature is excellent and I'm sure the rest of the mag will be comings as it does from the cream of music journalist talent.

Blues fans will want this - it's on sale now.

Mark Miller's Clint which started off with more than a few teething problems is now going strong and the current issue is another number one, as we head into volume 2. It's a much stronger line of stories than the first issue of volume one with Secret Service and Super Crooks being very promising.

Clint volume 2, issue 1 is out there now.

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