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Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's high noon, boyo

As soon as I saw this book covered on the blog of good friend and western writer, Nik Morton (read Nick's review HERE) I just had to have it. And so one quick visit up the Amazon and I have the rather thin but quite detailed book in my grubby Welsh mitts.

Published by YLolfa Books, a Welsh company who specialise in Welsh publications, the book comes in at less than a hundred pages but don't let that put you off - there is a wealth of interesting material between the covers. The book even sparked off the idea that would become my forthcoming western novel, Wild Bill Williams - published this October from Black Horse Westerns and available for pre-order now.

For instance I never knew of Jesse James' Welsh heritage but then with a surname like James I should have guessed that there was a little Taffy in the DNA somewhere down the line.

Being Welsh myself and a western novelist I 've often wrote about my affinity with this period so it was great to read about that the Welsh were out there blazing trails along with all the other nationalities that went into the mixing pot of the American frontier. It was especially nice to read about William Davies who came from Pen-Y-graig, a village only a stone's throw from where I was born and raised and even closer to where I live now.

A great little slice of Western and Welsh's high noon boyo.

Welsh Cowboys

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