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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Miss Marple on Steroids

The promotion for my novella, Granny Smith Investigates has been a great success with the eBook being downloaded over a thousand times in its first twelve hours - the promo runs until midnight 28th June 2012 so if you haven't downloaded a free copy then do so HERE

The character of Granny Smith will be developed over a series of books and the novella, Granny Smith Investigates, was originally written to get a feel for the character and her world, but I was so pleased with the finished work that I decided to put it out there in eBook land.

Granny Smith seems so very real to me.

Below you'll find a section of  my notes, which actually start the novella, on the origins of Granny Smith. The amateur sleuth who has been likened to Miss Marple on Steroids.


On the origins of the Granny Smith

Of course Granny Smith’s real name wasn’t Granny but everyone called her Granny. It wasn’t because she was a grandmother, though she was three times over, but rather because as a child she had loved apples, would take one to school for her lunch each and every day. It seemed that wherever she went an apple went with her and so associated with the fruit had she become that eventually some bright spark had nicknamed her Granny Smith after that popular Australian variety of apple.
Her given name was Mary Alice Davies, which meant she had the rather unfortunate initials - M A D, but she had never let that bother her and besides, she had often reasoned; when I marry I will have a totally different surname.  Eventually she had married a local man who went by the name of Arthur Smith, Smith of course, like Davies, being a common enough name, and she did indeed get a new surname, in fact her nickname became her surname. However because most people knew her by the nickname, Granny Smith, no one seemed to notice when she became a Smith for real, and, if truth be told, to many people she would remain forever M A D.

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