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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

We will read them on the beaches, we shall read them on the landing beaches, we shall read them in the fields. We will never stop reading

What do you meant I have to put my cigar out? Did we lose the war, then?
Winston Churchill's A History of the English Speaking Peoples’, will be one of forty volumes penned by the famous cigar smoker which will be available to download.

American publishers RosettaBooks have signed the global licensing deal – which will see the statesman’s work sold in digital form around the world.As well as being successful in politics, Sir Winston was both a writer and painter – winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953.

Volumes of his work in ebook form will cost between £5 and £6 each and the first seven will go on sale via digital books stores on July 1.I one went through these books on audio CD from my local libarary and they are incredibly detailed, as are Churchill's histoy of the Second World War.

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