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Thursday, 5 July 2012


A silhouette is all you need - the first image is of course Sherlock Holmes. Surely the character who sets a benchmark in all detective fiction.

The second image is Granny Smith - that pipe smoking, rock music loving, amateur sleuth with a difference -

It's Miss Marple on steroids!

A brutal murder in a small Welsh village and the police are stuck without a clue. With no motive and no real suspect the investigation soon grinds to a halt. Enter Mary Alice Smith, otherwise known as Granny Smith, the rock music loving, pipe smoking, chaos causing amateur sleuth with a difference.

Granny has a talent for mayhem and soon those talents are put to good use as our intrepid pensioner starts the unravel the case, which finds her provoking Chief Inspector Miskin as she comes up against a full scale police investigation, proving that you’re never too old to make a nuisance of yourself and that sixty three is actually the new twenty three.

Murder's never been so much fun.

Available now for Amazon Kindle and soon on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and everywhere else eBooks are sold. Find the book HERE

Buy the novella now and look out for the return of Granny Smith in a full length novel, The Deadly Frogs early next year.

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