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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Right Royal Rumble

Warning contains lots of naked flesh and not only Prince Harry but Richard and Judy too.

James Hewitt's (allegedly) boy, the right royal Prince Harry seems to be carrying on the tradition of his mum by embarrassing the Royals - now that snaps which  show him naked in a Vegas hotel room have appeared online.

In one picture, leaked by, Harry is shown standing in front of a nude woman, covering his crown jewels with his hands.
Another shows the party prince leaving little to the imagination as he bear-hugs a naked woman from behind next to a pool table in a hotel room.

Within hours of the photographs emerging online, ‘Prince Harry’ became the number one trending topic on Twitter.
Buckingham Palace this morning confirmed that the man in the pictures is Prince Harry.

The Archive says - Top man, Harry. Party on.

Twitter says:

Prince Harry's grandad assassinated his mum and his granny is a reptilian heroin overlord. But nooo, HE'S the bad one.

And not to be outdone UK TV lessthanmegastars Richard and Judy have pictched a reality show to TV bosses which will place well known TV stars in a swinger situation.

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