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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Avengers - Marvel rips off UK fans

Fans of Marvel's record breaking Avengers movie are in for a raw deal when the blu-ray is released this September. The US region 1 disc will be triple play which means the movie will come on blu-ray, standard DVD and a digital copy all in the one box, while the UK region 2 version is just the standard blu-ray. There is also a director's commentary which is reported to be missing from the UK version.

This was standard practise in the early days of DVD with the region 1 version often containing far more special features than the UK versions, but recent years have seen some kind of parity between region 1 and 2.

Region 2: One Disc
Region 1: 3D, Blu Ray, DVD, Digital Copy AND a Music CD!!!

Fans have hitten back by giving the dvd bad reviews on Amazon.

No doubt there will be a UK special edition a few months down the road.

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