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Monday, 6 August 2012

Boldly going somewhere else next time

What is it with these youngster who work in stores like Cash Generator? The store known locally as Smack Generator - I'm sure you can figure out why.

Today I was in Pontypridd and popped into the local store and browsed through the DVD's. I saw disc 36 of the TNG collection which contains the episodes The Game and Unification Parts one and 2. Pleased with my find I took the disc to the counter where an uninterested looking girl located the disc, popped it in the case and sent me on my way.

I just slipped it into the player and the bloody girl's given me the wrong disc - can't she bloody read? Maybe she should have concentrated on serving me rather than multi tasking with her nail polish. It plainly says The Perfect Mate on this disc. Yes I know it also says The Next Generation in big writing but there was more than one episode, you know.

I was looking forward to watching Spock's appearance in the Next Generation, which I've not seen for some time- I now know how Sheldon felt when he was sent the wrong Spock in that Big Bang Theory episode - well like the Zachary Quinto  standee this  disc is going back.

 Mind you, I think I'll watch it first. After all it does contain the I Borg episode. And to the staff of Pontypridd's Smack, er sorry...Cash Generator this is what happens when you anger a geek with a blog.

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