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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Countdown to Skyfall - almost James Bond

Who Dares Wins

Lewis Collins, then coming off the long running TV show, The Professionals, must have seen this vehicle as something of an audition piece for taking over from Roger Moore as James Bond. At the time the actor was the bookmaker's favorite for stepping into the shoes of 007 and the actor himself heavily campaigned for the role. As it worked out Moore stayed for another couple of Bond movies and by the time he hung up the Walther, Collins was no longer favorite.

Who Dares Wins, known in the US as The Final Option, was based largely on the Iranian Embassy Siege - Collins plays Peter Skellen, an SAS agent who has an elaborate cover created, in which he is thrown out of the SAS in order to infiltrate a militant group. Skellen does this in best Bond fashion by seducing the groups female leader. And then pretty much blowing up everything that moves.

The film was the third highest grosser of that year in the UK and a sequel was planned but unfortunately it never came to fruition but Who Dares Wins, holds up well and the action scenes are excellent.

The film won't tax your brains but it's a great action movie.

And you know what - Collins would have made a great James Bond.


Anonymous said...

Collins tested, but Cubby Broccoli really didn't like him. More recently Barbara Broccoli has been quoted as saying that the family offered the role or asked to interview Martin Shaw, who said no. I always thought Collins would've been brilliant, despite his height and the wooden acting in Who Dares Wins. But the list of actors who've tested, been considered, offered the role or refused always makes interesting reading. The biggest loss to the series for me has always been Stanley Baker.

Anonymous said...

lewis collins was englands greatest movie star that never was.forget james bond.what if he had stared in battle picture weekly,2000ad and picadilly cowboys movie adaptations.that would have been brilliant.why is he not in demand to voice playstation games?