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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Countdown to Skyfall - the curse of Skyfall

Time to say goodbye to monarch's best friend,.

 It's unclear when or how the pampered pooches—one of whom, Monty, did indeed star alongside the queen in the Daniel Craig-starring James Bond sketch featured during the opening ceremony of the London Olympics—passed away (it was believed to be earlier this summer), though the deaths were reportedly separate and unconnected incidents. But Buckingham Palace nevertheless confirmed the sad news Sunday.

It is all leading to speculation that the Skyfall production is cursed since the corgi death is the latest in a long line of tragic events to befall the cast and crew of Skyfall - Not only have we just had the death of a corgi, but Daniel Craig recently suffered an upset stomach after drinking too much Coke Zero, and director Sam Mendes was late for a bus this last Monday.

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Oscar said...

I'm sorry to hear all these things, especially Monty.