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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Countdown to Skyfall - FULL test screening report

Earlier this week a review from a test screening of new Bond movie, Skyfall was posted on the IMDB but was then swiftly removed on the insistence of MGM. The review went into some detail on the new film - WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD - and even made reference to key scenes towards the end of the movie, which we believe to be the death of Judie Dench's M. And so with a little secret agentry of our own, the Archive has managed to get hold of the full review and we repost it here.

Caution before you read on as there are spoilers contained within:

After posting the review the Archive received a polite email from Sony Pictures requesting we remove the review and so we have done so. Sony have said that the review was false and that the film's not yet been screened. The review's now removed from this site.

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