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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Elvis at the Welsh seaside

It's that time again - today is the Porthcawl Elvis Festival - and once again the small Welsh seaside town will be taken over by hundreds upon hundreds of Elvis Presley's. There will be Elvis events in most of the clubs and pubs and the promenade will be invisible beneath the quiffs and spangled jumpsuits.

The Porthcawl Elvis Festival sees the town swamped with fans, lookalikes and tribute acts all enjoying the atmosphere and the various concerts and events throughout the area.

The festival is centred on the historic Grand Pavilion, a traditional sea front theatre which is host to the main concerts but the whole town gets in on the act with various events happening throughout the resort all weekend.

The highlight of the weekend is the big Elvies award ceremony where the best Elvis impersonators are rewarded for their work. Porthcawl is only a twenty minute or so drive from the Archive's throbbing nerve centre so I hope to pop down and get some snaps of the events for your enjoyment.

And so in tribute we leave you with some essential Elvis.

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