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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Guest Post: Sock Puppet- Eric

Eric the sock puppet
The sock puppet story continues to run, with author Jeremy Dunn collecting together several Tweets author, Stephen Leather made about his own books using a false account.

'The book I would take with me on a desert island? No brainer. Soft Target by Stephen Leather.'

My favourite writer? Stephen Leather. I love his books. Stephen you rock!'

The above tweets were made from Leather's  @thirdparagraph Twitter account. It is worth visiting Jeremy Dunn's blog HERE to follow the full shameful story. And while you're at it Joe Konrath's claims that sock puppet tactics do no harm prompted a surge of negative comments - follow that story HERE.

However never one to fail to jump on a bandwagon the Archive has created it's own sock puppet - a rather fetching character we call Eric and we have invited him along to say a few words about my not so cozy crime novel, Granny Smith Investigates which is available now for the Kindle and other devices. 

 And so over to you, Eric.

 "Granny Smith Investigates is an absolutely life changing read. It helped me through the trauma of losing my partner in the washing machine. It's got it all - Granny Smith is a tough as nails old woman who kicks ass big time.

Granny Smith Investigates is a true literary masterpiece and a riot of laughs and tears. Go get it folks." Eric, the sock puppet. 

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Mack said...

Eric is an awesome reviewer. I always look for his reviews and buy whatever he recommends. Hurray for Eric.