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Saturday, 1 September 2012

September - The Geriatric Crimefighter

Granny Smith complete with pipe , what a vision... proves where there is a way she will take  it...enjoyed this book easy reading .  Amazon review

Just in time for Summer! Granny Smith seems less like Miss Marple and more like a mash-up of Stephanie Plum & Ma Kettle. Amazon Review

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Granny is a wonderful character, refreshingly different and politically incorrect. I loved that she still smokes in a time when it is frowned upon; that she is an unrepentant hippie and even that she is blind to her son's faults. She is astute and not scared to speak her mind. She is also very human and that is a large part of her charm. I think most of us can identify with her. Amazon Review

Granny Smith -- a pipe-smoking senior citizen who listens to heavy metal and can't keep her nose out of other peoples' affairs. I fell in love with this character within the first couple of pages. The story never drags and the secondary characters, such as Granny's quirky son and submissive husband, are just as lovable as Granny herself.  Amazon Review

Granny Smith is going down a storm and the first of her adventures can be purchased on Amazon worldwide. Go check it out and see for yourselves - her wild oats may have changed to All Bran but Granny still packs a punch!






 And also new from Jack Martin

The civil war had ended, the country was being rebuilt, the railroads extended. Men whose names would go down in history - Goodnight, Chisholm, were driving thousands upon thousands of wild longhorn cattle across treacherous trails. Gold was discovered and scores of whites ran rampant over grounds that had been promised the Indians by the Great White Father, the vast plains once the preserve of the Indians now rumbled to the sound of the iron horse.

A nice look at one of the author’s early books, not published until now. I like his style, makes for smooth reading that keeps me flipping those metaphorical pages until I hit the end of this tale. Check out the full review HERE

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