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Monday, 17 September 2012

UK fans avenge themselves against Greedy Disney

The DVD of the excellent summer blockbuster, Avengers Assemble hits stores today, but UK fans are angered by the lack of special features while the US version comes in a two disc edition with a commentary, deleted scenes, documentaries etc, the UK edition is a single disc minus any special features of note. Why is this? Well it's Disney being greedy as special editions sell well in the UK market so no doubt we'll get the same version as the US in a special edition this coming festive season. This is clearly not fair and and shows nothing but greed and contempt for the British consumer by Disney. The house of the mouse are well out of line here.

Fans are up in arms and Amazon UK have had scores of bad reviews posted because of the lack of extras on the UK disc. One fan wrote -

 "The sad fact is that many enthusiasts will end up buying both Blu-Rays, and it's this disgraceful attitude towards the UK and all markets except the US which means I never buy new Blu-Rays anymore, preferring to buy them used on Amazon.And the studios wonder why there's such a massive market for pirated films? It's because you're a bunch of greedy, self-serving entities that's why."

Another poster wrote -

"It now seems as if we get the edited version that (some) other European countries are getting. How can Disney even release a version here that wasn't the one classified by the BBFC?"

This is true- the UK cinema release ran 143 mins while the DVD runs for 137 mins - perhaps disney will restore those few minutes for the special edition. Gee, thanks Disney.

Twitter too is awash with complaint with one Tweet suggesting Disney go F**k themselves.

In my own opinion this is indeed a rip-off and UK fans should avoid the disc and wait, instead for the special features rich special edition.

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