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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Reading the Detectives: Pulp Detective Launches

A new magazine hits newsstands this week and it's a damn good one - called Pulp Detective it is a magazine that hankers back to the pulp mags of the golden age, but with a modern spin aimed at the Grand Theft Auto audience.

I picked up the first issue in my local WH Smith's today and was pleased to see it jammed full with text stories,as well as some cool cartoony illustrations.

Pulp Detective is the brainchild of builder Richard Kavanagh, from Stoneleigh. So successful did he pitch his idea for the pulp style mag that he received an order for 9,000 copies of the first issue of Pulp Detective after signing up with a national distributor.

The 31-year-old did not know how to use a computer two years ago, but swiftly learned new skills for the project.
The magazine will be available from 27 September.
Mr Kavanagh, a bricklayer who works for a family-run business in Coventry, said it was his passion for pulp-style stories and illustrated books that spurred him on to work on the publication in his spare time.

The Archive fully supports the magazine and you'll find a full review here just as soon as I've read the first issue. This could turn into a market for freelancers as well as an enjoyable pulp fix which is not something we've had on UK magazine shelves for some considerable time.

Good luck Pulp Detective

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