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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The BBC left reeling over Savile abuse case

The scandal surrounding the cigar chomping Jimmy Savile, is growing by the moment with the police reported to be following over 200 hundred allegations made against the dead TV star.

It's a crisis for the BBC and from what I'm reading and seeing I will be very surprised if the current BBC boss, George Entwistle is still in his job come Christmas. It all started off as an unbelievable story but it quickly became apparent that something did indeed go on, and that the BBC covered things up on several occasions. And now detectives investigating the case are looking at three doctors who were said to be part of Savile's sex ring and abused patients at the hospital where the shamed TV personality prayed on vulnerable young girls. It coldn't really get more sordid, but it likely will and there are reports of other high profile celebrities, some of them still living, being involved. And not only that but there are now claims that Savile was also a necrophiliac.

This is a terrible story - Savile was a huge personality when I was growing up and his Saturday evening show, Jim'll Fix It was essential viewing. He was seen as something of a saint for all his charity work and yet it's now become clear that Savile was a vile sexual predator.

The casualty list will be high profile - the editor of Newsnight,  Peter Rippon stepped out of his high payed job over the scandal, and it looks likely that Savile's Knighthood will be posthumously revoked. 

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