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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Top Ten richest fictional characters

Scrooge McDuck has fallen out of the Forbes top ten fictional people list - Nothing to do with the fact that technically McDuck is not people,  but apparently times are hard in Duckburg and taking the wealthy duck's place at No 1 is Smaug who is apparently worth

The full top ten list:

Rank Name Net Worth ($billion)
Residence Source Comparison with Previous Year
1 Smaug 62.0
The Lonely Mountain Marauding +$53.4billion
2 Flintheart Glomgold 51.9
Johannesburg, South Africa Mining, Theft
3 Carlisle Cullen 36.3
Forks, Wash. Compound interest, Investments +$0.1billion
4 Jed Clampett 9.8
Beverly Hills, Calif. Oil & Gas. +$0.3billion
5 Tony Stark 9.3
Malibu, Calif. Defense +$2.9billion
6 Richie Rich 8.9
Richville, U.S. Inheritance, Conglomerates -$0.8billion
7 Charles Foster Kane 8.3
Xanadu, Fla. Media +$7.3billion (over ten years)
8 Bruce Wayne 6.9
Gotham City Inheritance, Defense -$0.1billion
9 Forrest Gump 5.7
Greenbow, Ala. Apple Inc.
10 Lisbeth Salander 2.4
Stockholm, Sweden Theft                         

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