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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Movie and TV News

Fox tried for years to make another Daredevil movie but on October 12th this year the movie rights reverted back to Marvel. And on the Marvel front is now seems certain that Emily Brunt will join the cast of Avengers 2 as Ms Marvel.

Star Trek II: Into Darkness is apparently going to a darker story that may be based on the first season episode, Where No Man Has Gone Before. This seems likely since it is believed that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell.

Josh Trank is to direct a reboot of The Fantastic Four for Fox who are not going to let the rights for this franchise to revert to Marvel. Mark (Kick Ass) Miller is in charge of the Fox/Marvel movie series and fans are speculating that the movie will use Miller's Ultimate Fantastic Four as its source. Fox and Marvel recently struck a deal which means that Marvel can now use the Silver Surfer and Galactus which is leading to speculation that the silver guy will feature in either The Avengers 2 or a proposed Hulk reboot.

Is Andrew Lincoln's character going to die at the end of the current season of The Walking Dead? Usually this would be unthinkable but given the rate that main characters have been snuffing it thus far it shouldn't be ruled out. It's currently the hot Internet rumor doing the rounds.

The Saw franchise is to be rebooted - we kid you not but a mere few years after the last torture porn fest and Lionsgate have said they will hit reset for the next movie in the pointless series.

World War Z - an official trailer is now live on YOU TUBE  and is embedded below.

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