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Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Adventure of the not very good TV show

I've just watched episode six of the CBS modern day take on Sherlock Holmes, and I'm finding myself with mixed feelings on the TV show. Firstly I really like Jonny Lee Miller's take on Sherlock Holmes but I'm finding the show lightweight and am having trouble with Watson being recast as a woman. I don't think I'll continue to follow the show for much longer which is a shame because Miller is, to my mind, a better modern day Sherlock than Benedict Cumberbatch - the problem is that the BBC Sherlock series is so much better than this American version.

Elementary though is finding an audience and gaining much praise, so maybe it's just me and my fuddy duddy ideas but I don't find this to be a Sherlock Holmes series at all, and more a detective - will they/wont they show with a lead character who just happens to be named Sherlock Holmes. In this sixth episode Holmes investigated a plane crash that turned out to be a murder and a sabotage, and as with the previous episodes he seems to jump to his deductions out of nowhere. That cleared up the detective part of the story while the Watson/Holmes relationship was taken care of by Watson talking to an old friend of Sherlock's who had spent time with Holmes when he was still abusing drugs. The episode ends with Watson telling Holmes that she knows about Irene - this of course is a reference to Irene Adler, THE WOMAN, as Holmes refers to her.

I'll tune in next week to see where the writers are going to take this storyline, but I'm not expecting anything great.

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