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Monday, 3 December 2012

Wild Bill holds the top spot

Charts courtesy of Black Horse Express

Bestselling Black Horse hardbacks on - 3 December

1.Wild Bill Williams (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (31 Oct 2012)

Hardcover £12.38

2.Sudden Death (Black Horse Western) by Corba Sunman (30 Dec 2012)

Available for pre-order. £12.38

3.Nine Dead Men (Black Horse Western) by Walter L Bryant (30 Dec 2012)

Available for pre-order.  £12.38

4.Old Guns (Black Horse Western) by Morton Ross (30 Apr 2012)

Hardcover   £8.50

5.Dollar a Day (Black Horse Western) by Chuck Tyrell (30 Mar 2012)

Hardcover £5.95

6.Range of Terror (Black Horse Western) by Billy Hall (30 Mar 2012)

Hardcover £5.35

7.The Killing Time (Black Horse Western) by Logan Winters (30 Sep 2011)

Hardcover  £5.95

8.The Hired Ace (Black Horse Western) by Clay Starmer (31 Oct 2011)

Hardcover  £9.12

9.The Comanches Revenge (Black Horse Western) by D.M. Harrison (30 Mar 2012)

Hardcover £5.95

10.The Ballad of Delta Rose (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (29 Jul 2011)

Hardcover  £9.08


Oscar said...

Congratulations, Gary! Well done!

David Cranmer said...

Congrats, Gary. Way to go!