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Friday, 7 December 2012

The lad himself

I watched an episode of Hancock last night - The Set that Failed came from the fourth series of the television show and was originally broadcast in 1959. I've always been a big fan of Hancock both the radio show and the TV version. Now Hancock's comedy usually came from the wonderfully written lines and observations of the writing team, and even when the show transferred from Radio to TV the show could just as easily been enjoyed as audio only - indeed many of the more famous TV episodes do well on audio CD and fans are able to quote entire chunks of dialog from episodes like The Blood Donar and the Radio Ham.

However there's a great bit of visual comedy in the episode entitled, The Set that Failed - the plot is that Hancock's TV set is broken and so he and Sid sneak into a neighbors home to watch TV - what follows in a scene that can best be described as synchronized TV viewing is absolutely hilarious. Check out the short clip here, and watch as none of the characters take their eyes from the box while they each do their part in serving dinner.

British comedy  at its best.

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