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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Take a trip out West with Arkansas

"Easy to read western with a dash of the supernatural. Good plot, stays on track. Believable characters. Author knows how to tell a story. Very enjoyable." Amazon reviews.

"This story unravelled in an ingenious way by switching between events as they happened, then to the thoughts of the "bad-guy" gang leader Brady, and through the written diary of Ellie-May Preston that she kept during her journey to Kansas City with her family by wagon. Together they tell a tale of excitement of the lone family on their voyage across hostile land on their way to a new beginning and job. Arkansas Smith befriends the Preston family and helps defend them against the evil Brady gang. There is lots of excitement and action along the way. Western fans should enjoy this one." Amazon Reviews

"Gary Dobbs in his western guise as Jack Martin has yet to disappoint me in one of his books or shorter works. The man knows how to write." Amazon reviews

The sequel to the bestselling, Arkansas Smith - exclusive to Amazon.

For Jake Preston the offer of a position with his brother’s cattle operation in Kansas City couldn’t have come at a better time. At home in Wyoming things were not too good, the farm was failing and Jake and his family were facing an uncertain and scary future. And so Jake, his wife and three children packed up all their belongings worth taking and left in a small wagon, travelling overland, wanting the see the remaining wilderness before civilisation gobbled it all up.

They took The Tumbleweed Trail, hoping to gain protection from the fabled spirit said to protect those who travelled the trail. And they needed protection too when a gang of merciless outlaws descend on them but that protection would not come from any paranormal entity but from a flesh and blood man – a man called Arkansas Smith.

Also available in hardcover and eBook

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